Games are played by many people nowadays. Some people like adventures games, others like sports games but here we will discuss about the 10 Best Racing Games For Android. These games can be played on your android device and we have sorted out the list on the basis of reviews on various websites.

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10 Best Racing Games For Android

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 consisting of 72 incredible stages, a variety of road surfaces such as snow and gravel, live events, ghost races, a complete garage system, and more, this is your smartphone’s answer to the dirt rally. It is also a premium version, bringing it closer to the iconic console experience as well.

Horizon Chase

Sometimes you just need to do one thing really well, and developer Aquiris pulled it off with Horizon Chase. This classic arcade racing game runs a fine line between retro and modern, with an out-of-the-run aesthetic and gameplay updated with sleek 3D graphics. It is a joy to watch and an even greater joy to play. The man writing the music for the Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge has 92 tracks, ten cups, 40 cities, and a soundtrack.

Real Racing 3

When developer Firemint released it back to the world in 2009, the impact of real racing is hard to wane. It looks like a console game. Played like a console game. It was amazing. While other studios have mostly caught on, Real Racing 3 is still one of the most beautiful and playable racing games on mobile devices.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft is a curiously divisive studio, with a long history of mostly solid games that tout its nostalgic reputation among fans of mobile games. But you can’t argue with Asphalt 9: Legends. Sure, it is derivative, but it is huge, beautiful, and a lot of fun, taking advantage of the local terrain that requires speed in your game.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is the best kart racing game for mobile devices? Probably right there. Nintendo has placed a good bet on making smartphone games, but it can be said that it doesn’t really have a heart. Still, this is Mario Kart. on your phone. And thanks to a series of game-changing updates since launch, you can now play it in landscape mode and against up to seven other players in real time.

Rebel Racing

More proof that your smartphone can do it all, Rebel Racing is another awesome and soulful arcade racing game that looks sensational and plays like a dream. Set in a variety of sunny West Coast locations, Rebel Racing sees you walking around roads, beaches, mountain tracks, narrow roads and race tracks with a burnout-style emphasis on arcade negligence.

Retro Racing

We’ve spent a lot of time on this list talking about high-end images and console-quality presentations. Retro racing is not its own either, and it is not much like at first glance. But this flawless piece of top-down racing fun is a challenging and exciting reminder that all you need is some well-designed tracks, responsive controls, and fully loaded vehicle physics.

Data Wing

Data Wing may be the most acclaimed title on this list, with an average user rating of 4.8 to over 280,000 reviews. Not bad for a game that doesn’t look like a runner. Dan Vogt’s sleek modern classic sees you running a little neon arrowhead against other neon aromas in a neon, minimalistic and absolutely beautiful game world. Not all 40 levels look like tracks, and you can do unusual things like push walls, but this is a runner from beginning to end, and fantastic as well.

Final Freeway

If Horace Chase pays tribute to Yasier’s arcade racer, the Final Freeway retrieves him directly. Taking inspiration from the Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 and other such games, it gives you a sleek red sports car race through a variety of environments.

Hill Climb Racing 2

And now for something completely different. Hill Climb Racing 2 is the only racing game on this list that is played side by side. This obscure trial-style racer is both chaotic and challenging, with races where you see yourself cartwheeling, bouncing, and flipping backwards through a variety of environments, using chaotic terrain to your advantage. Let’s try to do. With tons of vehicle customization, online multiplayer, weekly activities and more, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game for those who don’t like racing games.

Th above 10 Best Racing Games For Android list is of our own opinion and your best opinion may differ. Kindly let us know your favorite racing games in the comment section.

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