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When it comes to front-facing cameras, Android hardware has steadily improved over the years. Also, many apps are there named Best Beauty Camera App.

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We want to make one thing clear, we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and our readers are definitely beautiful people. Do you need the best beauty camera app for Android? Probably not, but they are a lot of fun and create some great selfies. So if you want to spice things up with filters, effects, and in some cases makeup, this app is made for you.

List of Best Beauty Camera App


The B612 is one of the most popular selfie apps for Android and it works perfectly on almost any device. The application has an amazing design that makes everything easily to accessible. But this is not because the B612 is highly regarded, for its selection of various adhesives that make you stand out when it comes to taking selfies.

Softening your skin and even slimming your face is possible with this beauty camera app for Android. We also really like how most of the features make the slider easy to use, so you can adjust the effect to suit your individual needs.

Candy Camera

With over 7 million users using this app every day, the Camera app is one of the largest beauty camera apps out there and there’s a good reason behind it. The app has a wide variety of filters that give you an amazing look with just one tap.

You can easily check the filter by sliding your finger to the right and find the right filter for your needs. Some advanced beautification facilities are also available. In addition to the bleaching and slimming effects, you can also use blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and concealer to get the correct result with your camera.


It has been continuously providing unique features to its millions of users. The app provides amazing looking filters that can be applied and tested in real time. Creating funny collages is super easy, for this you only need to take several selfies and the application takes care of the rest.

When it comes to aesthetic features, the app doesn’t provide much in terms of editing. However, the filters are well polished and give a unique feel. You can also decorate and edit your images and videos with stickers. The application also provides the ability to directly share your photos on social networks.

Best Beauty Camera App
YouCam Perfect

From real-time beautification effects to natural-looking skin tones and ultra-fast editing to amazing video selfies, the app offers users a lot. There is also a touch filter that makes your photos really pop.

There is an advanced face shaping tool that allows you to customize the shape of your face. The skin smoothing tool makes your skin wrinkle free and smooth too.

Beauty plus

BeautyPlus is not only a beauty camera app for Android, but also a full-featured photo editor. One good thing about this app is that it works only with photos you have already taken. So if you have another favorite camera app, you can still use it and then import images for editing in this beauty editor. There are many great features that allow you to completely change your look and try different ones if you want.

From adding volume to your hair to natural looking touch-ups on your skin, this application is capable of producing stellar results. With the features dedicated to making your eyes, smile and hair look amazing, this great selfie camera on Android is a great choice.

Line camera

Line Camera brings powerful editing tools for your Android so that you can express yourself creatively without restrictions. Taking a quick selfie is really easy with this camera app and the camera comes with all the features you would expect from a good camera app.

There is a timer, flash, and even a mirror mode to help get the perfect shot. You can also apply filters to brighten the darker pictures and enhance your beauty. It is an intuitive camera app that makes it easy to capture your beauty.


With 125 real-time filters, Bestie is an exceptional beauty camera app for Android specifically designed to take selfies. There is also a mirror filter that takes some particularly interesting photos. The filters are the star attraction of this app and they are all well polished.

Applying filters to your photos and using the background blur effect will make your selfie stand out. There are also stickers designed specifically for self-portraits, the application is capable of detecting your face and automatically makes the necessary adjustments.

Camera 360

If you are looking for a fun selfie camera app for Android, then Camera360 is what you are looking for. The application comes with a dedicated beauty camera for your phone and is capable of capturing high quality selfies right out of the box.

You can use a great photo editor to make more adjustments to your images. The app provides customizable filters and even effects that dramatically change the look of a photo. Creating photo collages and putting great looking stickers on your photos is also a breeze.

If you use any other app apart from these Best Beauty Camera App, please comment down below. Your inputs are valuable to us.

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