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Fiverr Jobs are very Popular Nowadays. From driving to walking dogs, side activities are a popular way to earn some extra cash. But if you really want to earn money, it is good to know that some jobs are more attractive than others.

As freelance online marketplace, Fiverr analyzed the numbers to determine what the highest-paying jobs offered on its site were, and found that it could generate thousands for projects that are in high demand. A Fiverr salesman also turned his freelance job into a full-time job and earned about $ 1 million in income.

Price ranges for a myriad of individual projects vary widely, which in turn vary in size and scope, offered by freelancers on Fiverr. The services and prices below come from Fiverr Pro, the platform tier that includes high-quality, hands-on freelancers.

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Highest paid Fiverr Jobs

Video Marketing $ 300- $ 18,000

Overall, Fiverr found that demand for video services skyrocketed. Orders for videos and animation services increased a lot and orders for video marketing services included Everything from promoting videos on social platforms to creating product demo videos. – experienced a great increase in the number of orders.

Therefore, video marketing services are now the highest paid jobs on the platform. Freelancers charge between $ 300 and $ 18,000 per project. The most engaging services include live action “how-to” videos, white boards and animated “how-to” videos, and short video ads.

Top-rated vendors on Fiverr also offer video marketing services that include product demonstration videos or featuring them as spokespersons. Others make videos using graphics and text. Some freelancers provide video promotion and distribution, social video content, video advertising campaigns, video SEO, audience research and inquiry, and social video enhancements.

Many video marketing services offered on Fiverr include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and videos designed for good reasons.

Website Development $ 100- $ 3,000

The second highest paid service found on the platform is for website builders. These services sell for between $ 100 and $ 3,000 depending on the project. Fiverr notes that web programming and e-commerce web design are particularly attractive.

Marketers offering this service on Fiverr include those who will build their websites on popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix. Vendors provide services such as full website creation, customization, theme and plugin installation, bug fixes and backups, cloning and migration.

Many vendors of this service state that they have experience with programs such as Photoshop, Corel, CSS and JavaScript.

Mobile application development $ 300- $ 3,000

Another well-paid Job on Fiverr is mobile app development – the platform found that projects cost between $ 300 and $ 3,000. Freelancers typically offer iPhone, iPad, or Android app building, with up to five pages of certain app designs, app icons, logos, and banners.

Digital Marketing $ 100- $ 2,000

Digital marketing services are also on Fiverr’s list of the highest-paid side jobs on their site. A project can cost anywhere from $ 100 to $ 2,000. Sellers in this category typically work with companies such as Google and Facebook to set up, manage and optimize advertising campaigns, and provide a number of consulting services for Google AdWords, Google’s online advertising service.

Many of these marketers refer to their experience of digital marketing techniques, along with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Chatbot Development $ 10- $ 2,000

Developing a chatbot, or creating a computer program that is capable of emulating human interactions, pays between $ 10 and $ 2,000.

Chatbots are often used on popular platforms like Slack, Skype, or websites and can be used to help sell a product or interact with a potential customer. Some vendors not only offer Chatbot development, but also offer accompanying digital marketing strategies.

Graphic Design $ 100- $ 3,000

Fiever found that graphic design remains one of the highest-paying side hostels on his platform, with services ranging from $ 100 to $ 3,000. Particularly attractive areas of graphic design include web and mobile design and presentation design.

Vendors offering graphic design services also include marketing materials, logos, business cards, T-shirts, and people who design assets for social media channels, such as Twitter cover photos or Facebook profiles.

3D and 2D Models $ 100- $ 2,000

3D and 2D models include 3D model and product visualization and can be made for anything from cars to buildings. Some vendors, for example, offer a architectural view for real estate marketing. while others will help you bring the product you are dreaming to life.

Commercial copywriting $ 100- $ 2,000

Finally, an attractive option for the hustle is for those who have a knack with coding rather than a habit with words. Fiverr found commercial copywriting to be one of the highest paying side jobs, selling for between $ 100 and $ 2,000 per project. Within business copywriting, the Fiverr report states that press releases, blog posts, and SEO content can be particularly profitable.

Other companies offer copywriting providers to write product descriptions, “about me” pages for websites, Amazon product listings, and website copies. Others opt for services like e-books, technical manuals, and even crowdfunding launches.

Proofreading and Editing $ 100- $ 2,000

If you have a talent for looking at grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation, you can use it to earn some money on Fiverr. To be more confident, you can provide a sample of your writing so that a buyer can verify your credit.

Similar to WordPress troubleshooting, the older you get, the more money you can collect. Your portfolio will tell your client everything.

And then, if your portfolio gives you an idea of ​​your engagement with larger organizations, you can charge around 1000- $ 1500 / year per customer, depending on how long they hire you We do.

Virtual Assistant

One of my all-time favorite Fiverr concert ideas is Virtual Assistant. These jobs are becoming increasingly popular and demand increases for them every year. If you choose to do this task, it may include things like data entry, email creation and research, or any other related work.

Well, this kind of job comes with different packages of work hours. If you work for 5-6 hours, you can charge your client based on their working hours, viz. For a person with experience in this area, you can charge your customer $ 5- $ 15 / hour.

Once again, your reputation is very important. Keep up the good work and get good reviews from your customers.

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