Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming

In today’s World, Finding the best gaming headphones under 1000 in India can be a stumbling block for anyone as the market have hundreds of options. Also, you must have some experience identifying a good pair of gaming headphones because no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on the wrong items.

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Best Headphones under 1000 for Gaming

So, if you’re struggling to find a good pair of gaming headphones under 1000 rupees, then we’ve got you covered by our awesome list.

Below you can find a list of some of the best gaming headphones under 1000, which are offered with detailed specifications, even if you have less money to invest. All these headphones have been collected after a detailed analysis, so there was no disappointment in purchasing any of them.

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Redgear Dagger Wired Professional Gaming Headphones

Key Features

  • 50 mm Driver
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • Noise Isolating Microphone
  • Extra soft Ear muffs
  • Both side RGB Dazzle LED lights
  • 1 Year warranty
  • USB for LED

The Redgear Dagger Wired Professional Gaming Headphones is at number one in our list of Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming. The design is really good.

Moreover, you can wear it for a prolonged session of your gaming as it contains extra soft ear muffs which provides the comfort to the user to play endlessly. Also, It features RGB Dazzle LED lights on both sides which makes you feel like you are a Pro player even if you are a noob.

In addition, the sound quality is good with immersive bass due to its 50 mm driver which enhances your gaming experience.

  • Comfortable
  • RGB Dazzle LED lights
  • Good Looking Design
  • Easy Volume Controller
  • Noise Cancelling is not that good
  • Separate cables for mic and speaker

Cosmic Byte Kotion G2000 Edition

Key Features

  • 50mm Magnetic Neodymium Driver
  • Noise Isolation
  • Super soft Over-ear pads
  • Glaring LED lights
  • Weight – 570 gram

The Cosmic Byte Kotion G2000 Edition headphones at second place in our Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming list. These headphones have 50mm magnetic neodymium driver of high precision which provides you the great sound clarity.

Moreover, these headphones have super soft ear pads which are very coomfortable when you put it and can play games for a longer period.

  • Sound and mic quality
  • Build quality is amazing.
  • Great Aesthetics.
  • Led lights looks classy
  • Big in Size

Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones

Key Features

  • Single 3.5mm Jack for Sound and Mic
  • Adjustable Length Hinges
  • Soft cushion head-pad
  • Soft cushion Ear-pad
  • Deep bass and clear sound
  • Flexible positioning of Microphone
  • Weight – 470 gram

The Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones uses a single jack for the sound as well as for mic. It has adjustable length hinges which you can easily adjust.

In addition, these headphones have Soft cushion at head pad and at ear pad which are very comfortable and helps you to play longer without any discomfort. The flexible positioning of mic allows you to adjust the position of the mic very easily.

  • Sound Quality is Good.
  • Fits Perfectly
  • Good Cushion
  • Mic is Good
  • Quite Heavy

Amazon Basics Gaming Headset

Key Features

  • 2-way communication
  • Compatible with PC, Switch, PS4 and more
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Soft, breathable ear pads
  • Works with a 3.5mm jack
  • Weight – 275 gram

The Amazon Basics Gaming Headset are very light weight and works with 3.5 mm jack. If we talk about its compatibility, then it is compatible with many gaming consoles.

The sound quality is crystal clear and has very soft ear pads. It has easy-access to volume as well as mute controls.

  • Sound Quality is good.
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal clear communication
  • Mute button somewhat hard

Ant Esports H520W Gaming Headset

Key Features

  • Amazing Gaming Audio
  • Great Mic
  • Surround Sound Ready
  • High Quality 40MM Speakers
  • Multiplatform Compatibility
  • Synthetic leather wrapped ear cushions

The Ant Esports H520W Gaming Headset is at last in our list of Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming. These headphones are of high quality 40mm speakers.

It is supported by many platforms. It has synthetic leather wrapped ear cushions which are very soft and helps you to play longer.

  • Awesome RGB Lighting
  • Mic is Good
  • Very Soft to ears
  • Bass is less.


As you have gone through the list of Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming, it might be very easy for you to now select the one which you want. Whichever you buy, please comment down below. Thanks!

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