Highest Paying Apps in 2020

Do you know that a smartphone can act as a money making device? Probably right there. So here is some news: There are 10 best and highest paying apps that really help you make money.

And if you are already using these higher paying apps, I think you can add some more in 2020 and make a good amount.

To do this, let’s take a look at which apps pay the most in 2020.

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Highest Paying Apps in 2020


Swagbucks has been around for a long time. Join Swagbucks and download their app. You can earn a lot of money by completing online surveys, playing games, watching videos, giveaways, and more. Swagbucks gives 7,000 free gift cards every day to shop at Amazon, Walmart and other top places.

When you complete an assignment online, Swagbucks credits a few SB points to your account. You can search for cash payment on PayPal or Amazon, Walmart and other shopping vouchers.

Swagbucks generally allows teens 12 and over to become members of its online survey community under the supervision of parents. .

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is available throughout the United States. With this application, you can package between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour for Amazon. Membership is only for people over the age of 18 who hold a valid driving license.

You can select delivery locations in your area. The app shows your earnings on a daily basis along with tips from clients you serve. They pay every Wednesday and Saturday.

Inbox Dollars

Personally, I found Inbox Dollars to be great but awesome. However, in fairness, I would rank them in the top 20 highest paid app for 2020. Inbox Dollars is also an online survey community that offers other ways to earn money such as games, referrals and liveways. After you sign up they offer $ 5 as a sign up bonus.

They are very generous with their words. For example, I got 2,500 marks from a single simple survey, which took just 20 minutes to complete. And your surveys are also very interesting.

On the flip side: Inbox Dollars suddenly disqualifies you for a survey after spending a lot of time. Therefore, your efforts are useless. You can also see online reviews about Inbox Dollars. Second, the amount of points needed to get paid $ 5 is significantly higher than most other apps in this genre.


Acorn is an amazing app that helps you turn a little change into a big investment. This may seem impossible, so I’ll explain how it works. Download Acorn and link your credit and debit cards. Every time you pay with Acorn, the app will push your bill to the nearest highest figure.

For example, if you are paying $ 9.99 for something, Acorn will debit your card for $ 10. The change, 1 percent, automatically goes into your investment account. You can invest all your saved changes in stocks, mutual funds, currency trading and other investment options. You can invest as little as $ 5 in these high-value options.

Acorns credits your account with $ 10 as soon as you download the app and make the first transaction. It also offers refunds for select purchases.


Do you have good computer skills? Download Clickworker and start earning money almost instantly. Clickworker displays instantly available jobs around your location.

Once you select the task in the Clickworker application, a notification is sent to the customer. Upon completion of the task, the client pays the Clickworker. Your earnings are immediately shown in the app. Clickworker pays twice a week to your PayPal account or debit card.


You may not have a clue about the stock, currency, and commodity market, but you want to invest. If this is your case, download and use Robinhood, one of the best and best applications in the United States for small investors. You can invest as little as $ 5 in stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and other instruments with Robinhood.

They allow you to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, regardless of how small you are investing. Robinhood has a system known as “fractional participation”. This means that even if the amount of your investment is much less than the actual cost of the total share, you can buy a fraction.

Once you sign up, you have a chance to win free shares for a large corporation like Facebook or others like Microsoft, or at least one high-denomination share at $ 200.


This is one of those rare apps that pays you in bitcoins. All you need to do is play games, answer the questions, enter the quiz, and sometimes take a strange online poll or post a comment.

StormX rewards you for these efforts by depositing some bitcoins or parts of bitcoins in your account. Considering the high value of the world’s largest bitcoin cryptocurrency, this is an app that can really make you rich.

One tip: download a good bitcoin wallet on your smartphone with StormX too. You can always transfer your Satoshi to a bitcoin wallet. This ensures that you stay in control of your income.


In fact, Rakuten is the new version of Ebates, a well-known website and app that Americans were actively using to get huge rebates and discounts at countless online stores. Japanese retail giant Rakuten now owns the app and has added many amazing new features that help you earn some money indirectly.

You can shop through the Rakuten app to get a discount of at least five percent on your daily and household necessities in store or online. And the best thing about Rakuten is that they don’t give you shopping vouchers. Instead, they give cash to your debit card, bank account.


Talk about rebates and discounts, try the Walmart app which is very popular in the US You can get daily discounts, free delivery, and of course cash back offers.

In addition, Walmart sends you special offers and discounts and offers privileges on certain products, especially during festivals and holiday and sale seasons. It helps to get a few dollars out of your purchases and other bills. In fact, they have daily specials, which means you can save money every day.

User Testing

Do you like to try new things like computer games, videos, software, websites, and many other things? Connect to UserTesting by downloading its application on your smartphone. Although user typing is one of the best and highest paying apps for 2020, here is something you should know.

They request your review through the voice recording feature in your app. Therefore, to make your recording it is very important to have the information that the company seeks in a clear, precise and like crystal. You can earn between $ 2 and $ 25 per test, depending on complexity and time.

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