In this article, you will get to know Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Online Courses Free. It is true that the situation has become very unusual due to Covid-19. Time is difficult, but if we have to move forward, we will have to find opportunities for ourselves even at this difficult time. One thing we all understood from Lockdown and Covid-19 is the truth that awaits us in the digital age and we must work hard to prepare for it.

Along with private institutions, the government has also launched a series of online courses with people of all ages in mind. The purpose behind them is that even while living in the houses, we can work on our skills. Learn something new according to your interest. Because there is no age to learn, right?

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Many teachers have learned to take classes online for the first time. Many children are studying for the first time through WhatsApp and YouTube. Large companies are understanding that their employees can even work at home. There is so much we can read online, we can learn. You can take a course in any new skill.

Today we tell you some of these websites and online applications, where you can take courses in different sectors and that too without paying any fees. Yes, today we tell you from where you can take a free online course. Some of these websites also award digital certificates after completing the course.

Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Online Courses Free

1. Udemy

You can register by visiting the Udemy website or you can also download the app on your phone. There are more than a lakh of courses available on this, of which you can take hundreds of courses for free. If you are interested in learning IT, coding, design, or marketing, you can visit this website today.

 Learn Online Courses Free
Image Source: Udemy

First of all, you need to sign up for Udemy and then you can start your favorite course. The best part is that video conferencing is available for all courses. This will make it easier for you to learn. Rest if you want to take advanced level courses then you can do those courses for a fee. Fees for most courses start at just Rs 700.

2. Alison

By registering on this website, you can view around 1000 free courses online. From here you can take certified courses in languages ​​such as English, Spanish, German and also, you can enrol in courses related to Life Sciences, Photography, Finance, Software Development and Health.

 Learn Online Courses Free
Image Source : Alison

There are many courses, upon completion of which you will also earn Alison’s certification, that you can print. Different categories such as certificate and diploma courses are available here, and you can also take some professional courses to get a job.

3. Google Digital Garage

And now let’s talk about our dear Google. Now online courses are discussed everywhere, so how should we leave Google behind? Google has also launched Google Digital Garage for those who want to learn. Through this, you can take around 100 free courses online.

Learn Online Courses Free
Image Source: Google digital garage

Especially if someone wants to learn digital marketing skills, they can take this course at the Google Digital Garage. You will also get a certificate from Google for this course.

Google can take courses from 2 hours online to more than 20 hours. From personal development to online advertising, you can take courses in different cycles. Get started today by choosing your course!

4. Swayam

When it comes to the online learning platform, it is also important to talk about the Government of India’s own digital learning platform. It was initiated by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India. This platform offers online courses from school to graduate level.

Learn Online Courses Free
Image Source : Swayam

It currently offers more than 2500 online courses, of which more than 500 have been included in January 2020. During the confinement itself it became more active.

You can take courses like Academic Writing, Digital Marketing, Animation, Mathematical Economics, Python for Data Science, Early Childhood Care and Education.

5. University of Oxford: Home Study Center

Started by the University of Oxford, the Home Study Center offers you 45 free online courses. From here you can take many good courses in management such as business management, construction management, event management, etc.

Learn Online Courses Free
Image Source : Oxfordhomestudy

Apart from this, courses like digital marketing, social media marketing, cyber security, etc. are also available. After completing all of these courses, you will also earn the online certification.

6. Microsoft Learn

Like Google, Microsoft has also launched some of its courses. However, all of these courses are only related to Microsoft products and software. If you want to increase your skills in Microsoft products, you must take these courses.

Image Source: Microsoft

Many companies use Microsoft software and require specialized personnel. By doing these courses you will get easy work and if you want, you can also carry out personal projects.

7. Coursera

It is available both as a website and as a mobile application. You can register and take hundreds of free courses online. Courses of all levels are available here, from certificate courses to degree courses. You also get video lectures for all courses. Along with the basic English learning course, you can also study online on topics like social work.

Image Source: Coursera

If you wish, you can register from your laptop or computer or you can take the conference at any time by downloading the application on your phone.

8. Facebook Blueprint

Image Source: Facebook

Facebook has made more than 400 online courses available around the world. You can use the Facebook online platform to read and learn online. One different thing about learning from Facebook is that here you will have to take the exam after the course and only after passing this exam will you get the course certification.

9. Edx

In this platform you have the opportunity to take online courses offered by the best institutes in the world such as Harvard, Stanford, etc. There are over 1000 free online courses here. In addition to doing the general certification course, you can also see the micromasters course, diplomas, etc.

Image Source: Edx

You can take all the basic courses on this platform for free. However, if you want to get certified, you must pay a fee. But if you just want to increase skill, this is a good option.

10. Udacity

Image Source : Udacity

Udacity gives you the opportunity to take online courses in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Data Science. More than 200 free online courses are available on it, which you can do. However, in this you will not get any certification after the course. For this, you must upgrade by paying the Nanodigree course fees.

I Hope, you find the article quite useful and start learning from these Top 10 Websites to Learn Online Courses Free.

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